Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Marwa's The BFG Key Idea (T2W10)

WALT: Understand key ideas from the text.
Today I learnt lots of key ideas from a book called The BFG! one of the key ideas was teamwork!
As you can see this is the key idea I was talking about.
Teamwork is one of the main important things to be shown. Teamwork is better than
Working by yourself all alone, because teamwork helps people to gain courage and make a good plan to do something, it also means like having lots of brains working than just one. In the book of the BFG (The Big Friendly Giant) teamwork was shown very
Often, by Sophie and The BFG. Sophie and the BFG was very friendly, at first when Sophie meet the BFG she was kind of afraid, but then when she and the BFG started to know each other they started to make a good couple of friends. The idea of teamwork with the BFG and Sophie goes on and on, the most part they should teamwork was around the last Pages, but it was a good teamwork that

Was shown, even tho Sophie was the one who pretty much came up with all the plans, the BFG was still helpful.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

People I Care About- For ZINE! (T2W9)

Today I learn't how to make one of mr Zine projects.
So as you can see my presentation, is all about my zine. The presentation explains 
some picture of my friends and family friends (outside friends/family friends) 

Marwa - Technology Reflection (T2W9)

Today For Technology I did....

Why I like tinkercad is, because it teaches you how to make something you want/love.
The bad thing about tinkercad is that, it is kind of hard to understand....

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Room 4's Timetable (Task) - Week 9 Term 2

WALT: make a proper Timetable using a spreadsheet.
Today for maths I made a timetable about Room 4's Timetable (It is a task....) 
I learnt how to make a timetable using a google spreadsheet, it was easier than I thought it would be...

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Y7&8 Maths Measurement (T2W8) Slide 1; Measurement length -words

WALT use metric units for length.
Today I learnt how to find the meaning of the the following words.
  • Metric
  • Length
  • Measure
  • Unit

MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Marwa (Zine Project)

WALT: create a DLO, about our lives/or ourselves which is called a 
Zine Project. 
Today I learn't how to describe half of my family! and talk about myself! 

My Name Is Mina By David Almond - Follow Up Tasks

This is my padlet about My Name Is Mina. (book)